Written and Directed by Rafat Al Aydi

Director Assistant-in-Training: Saed Al Khawalda

As part of a multi-factted project, the making of, and touring, of “Whirlwind” closes this 6-month project. Following the movement training, the making and touring of the movement piece “Identity,” the writers workshop, and a film workshop, the play was made inspired by all that preceded it. Here we come face to face and back to back with theatre and dance in physical reflection of the frustration that is being experienced by every human being living in the prison of the Gaza Strip. Using text, movement, acrobatics, and music, TDP’s newest graduates mix these art forms to bring forth the anger and humour of Rafat Al Aydeh’s  multi-discipline play. Also new, this piece is for all-age audiences from young to beyond but will focus on university students we attempt to bring our theatre days to an audience who is now ready to the join the work force, the new adults.

The Players

Father: Ahmed Al Bana

Mother: Haneen Aziza

Aunt: Anwar Al Ghawash

Son 1: Sami Abu Sekhail

Son 2: Mohammed Kharwat

Neighbor: Hassan Al Najar, Mahmoud Abu Zebeda

Understudies –  Hana Abelnabi, Hind Abu Hasaneen, Elham Abu Shanab, Fadi Abu Yasin, and Yasin Samrah.

Behind the Scenes

Sets, Costumes, Design, Sound, Music – Riyad Al Akhras, Ahmad Qadada, Ashraf Sarhan
Assisting – Muhsin Abu Al Khair
Administering & Finance – Ibrahim Abu Shawarab, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Rania Shawwa, Tania Mortaja, Doaa Abu Abdo
Photo and Video – Abudallh Al Mughari and Leo van Emden
Deputy Artistic Director – Mohammed Al Hissi


With the help of Henriette Araman, Francis Tams, Jackie Lubeck, Anan Terhi, and Jan Willems (Consultant Group)

“Whirlwind” is part of the project “Awakening of Understanding – Youth Drama and Dance Theatre and is supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and their department the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC).

The project is also supported by Broedelijk Delen (Belgium) and The Representative Office of The Netherlands.

Many thanks to our partners. Looking to you see in the audience!