Drama Awareness Campaigns & Teachers Workshops

TDP offers special workshops to school teachers in how to use story-telling and drama as an educational tool. TDP has published a manual on story-telling, a set of theatre/drama exercise cards, and a manual on playing-in-role. Teachers workshops concentrate on one of these ways to introduce drama in the classroom and the manuals explained as part of the workshop. The workshop is accessible to school teachers of all grades and all disciplines. Workshops – and the selection of teachers – are organized in cooperation with education systems. TDP also organizes special campaigns for senior staff, education administrators, supervisors, and national or regional department heads within the education ministry with the aim of advocating theatre and drama as an important part of school life.

Dear Teachers

Theatre Day Productions takes into account that professional youth theatre is relatively new in the country. In order to make plays for youth, we must first train the actors and drama-teachers. In order for these actors and drama-teachers to become strong teachers they need the experience of working with youth. And in order for the youth to become involved in the program, we need to have regular contact with them, with their parents, and with you.

TDP works side by side with the education systems in the country. Over the years we have provided thousands of students with creative co-curricula activities and we have reached hundreds of teachers with our workshops in using story-telling as an educational tool.

TDP sees story-telling as the ancestor of modern Palestinian theatre. In times past, the story-tellers were the teachers! They were the ones who carried and transmitted all the information that was necessary to know. You could say that each teacher is an actor standing in front of an audience trying to get his or her story across. Acting, story-telling, and teaching makes an interesting education chain for teachers and students alike.