The Vision of TDP
is the flourishing of a free & equitable society in Palestine, based on artistic & cultural actions empowering its people to exercise freedom of expression & other basic human rights.

 Mission Statement
TDP wants drama, theatre, and creative activities to be a regular part of the lives of young people in Palestine, so that they can find their individual voice, their sense of self, and discover their creative life; in stimulating these activities TDP aims to provide the foundation for a peaceful development of Palestine, one with respect for human (children’s) rights and civil society. TDP tries to realize this by working with the formal education systems and local organizations working with and for children and young people.


Having witnessed the importance of women and girls in all aspects of our artistic work and in Palestinian society in general, TDP added to its mission that, in the long term, the role of women and girls in cultural work and performing arts is recognized and supported as an agent for vitality and transformation in Palestinian society.

TDP’s Overall Objective are:

To assist Palestinian youth in building their capacity for creative expression by:

1) Using the tool of drama to help children and youth learn to think critically, articulate and imaginatively present their problems, meanwhile learning the power of group action, team building, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts,

2) Upgrading local youth theatre through professional level training, touring, workshops, providing facilities and venues, and international exchange.