2014 TDP’s Theatre Club visits 15 cities in Belgium after winning the Zuiddag (South Day) Exchange.

“Summer Vacation” in Gaza was made as part of the exchange project between TDP’s Theatre Club and the Belgian organization Zuiddag (meaning South Day).

In the background of 2014 bombardments on the Gaza strip, “Summer Vacation” brings a group of young men and women together in a chorus of silence, noise, and news.

The short piece, shown to some 30 schools in 15 cities around Belgium was inspired by Fernando Arrabal’s “Guernica,” (TDP youth adaptation 2001) and additional original text by Rafat al Aydeh and Jackie Lubeck. Short scenes take place between bombardments between a boy trapped under a house and his older brother trying to get him out. Visits by journalists and television interrupt these scenes.

Created for the Zuiddag (South Day) Exchange in Belgium by Rafat Al Aydi

The Participants in the Project

Hassan Al Akhrass
Mohammed Al Afifi
Mohammed Al Khatib
Obaida Jaber
Sami Abu Skhail
Emad Al Khawalda
Mohammed Al Haj
Ahmed Al Aydi
Mohammed Abo Abdo
Mohammed Al Haddad
Rana Murtaja
Reem Anbar – oud player

Assisting the Director – Hassan Al Najjar

Jan Willems, Jackie Lubeck, Anan Terhi, Henriette Araman, and Francis Tams