Workshops in Free Expression

Workshops are for youth and are made to give the participants a chance to work in-depth on the creation and presentation of their ideas, fantasies, joys, fears, hopes, and dreams. At present, TDP runs two workshop programs: Drama Workshops & Video-Animation Workshops.

Video-Animation Workshops

These workshops allow groups of school children to make simple video-cartoons based on their own stories and fantasies. The work stimulates the free flow of the children’s fantasy. It also stimulates mutual cooperation as the kids must work together in small groups to produce their cartoons. Children are in charge of the complete production process of their cartoon, from story-board design to filming, voice-over, and presentation. Animation workshops are carried out in 3-week rounds of 6 consecutive days per week, 3 hours a day. Each week brings 20-24 children, age 11-15 to the animation experience.

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