The idea of Theatre Day Productions started in 1993, the program was developed in 1994, and the company was founded in 1995 by Jan Willems and Jackie Lubeck. Over the years, the organization has seen many people on our stages, behind the desks, and behind the scenes in the control rooms, the storage rooms, the design spaces.


Listed as they joined TDP…!

Rafat Al Addeh – Artistic Director (began as a volunteer)

Mohammed Al Hissi – Deputy Artistic Director (began in a Kids for Kids play)

Ahmad Qadada – Production Team (began as an electrician)

Ashraf Sirhan – Production Team (began as a helpful neighbor)

Riyad El Akhras – Production Team Leader (began as the storage officer)

Amal  Abu Dawood – Program Coordinator (began as an admin assistant)

Maryam Enaia – Monitor & Evaluation Officer (began as admin assistant)

Muhsein Abu Al Kheir – Production Team (began as house-keeper)

Rania Al Shawwa – Acting Financial Officer  (began as accountant)

Doaa Abu Abdo – Assistant Program Coordinator

Tania Mourtaja – Fundraising & External Affairs (began as fundraiser)

Ibrahim Abu Shawareb – Program Manager (the newest staff member)

Mai Qadoumi – Administration Assistant


Jan Willems – Overall Program & Artistic Director

Jackie Lubeck – Writing & Design

Francis Tams – Finances

Henriette Araman – Coordination

Anan Terhi – External Affairs