Workshops in Free Expression

These workshops are for youth and are made to give the participants a chance to work in-depth on the creation and presentation of their ideas, fantasies, joys, fears, hopes, and dreams. At present, TDP runs two workshop programs: Drama Workshops & Video-Animation Workshops (See Animation).

Drama Workshops
Drama Workshops are given to groups of 15-20 young people at a time, ages 9-12 or 13-16. These workshops are 18 sessions of 3 hours each and take place over 6 consecutive days for 3 consecutive weeks. This gives children time for concentration, commitment, and the development of their ideas. No two workshops are ever the same as the theme of each workshop comes from what is on the minds of the participating children. At the end of each workshop, a public presentation is given for family members, friends, and the school from which the children come.