Black Lights

Black Lights is seven stories told by seven women and revolves around life and marriage. In three parts, the women look at, and talk about, their experience with life just before they were engaged for marriage, during the time of the engagement, and then life after the wedding.

In Arabic the title in Black Light which implies something like “that which cannot be said” or “black covers the light.” When the audience of women introduced to the title at the start of the show they get somewhat worried murmuring “god forbid” and such equivalents. Afterwards, the space is opened up for discussion and lots of talking and story sharing.

The Story-Tellers

Khitam Abu Kwaik

Sabreen Shaath

Hana Abel Nabi

Randa Abu Maghaseeb

Islam Elyan

Hind Abu Hasaneen

Doaa Hejazi