The Brother (Gaza 2013)


About the Summer Games
Losing and Finding is the theme of a collection of 6 plays made for children and youth during the summer of 2013. The plays are about the precious things that are lost in wars and how people, by nature, find ways to fill this loss. The title of each play is the lost thing.

In order to reach a wide audience, we had 22 teams of actors and actresses. Some of the plays were made 3 times and some 4. Four of the plays were made as graduations projects. Over 150,000 kids and adults saw a play during the summer of 2013.

All six plays were written by Jackie Lubeck
Dramaturgy and Artistic Director โ€“ Jan Willems

Wonderful TDP Team – Rafat Al Aydi, Mohammed Al Hessi, Amal Abu Dawoud, Maryam Enaia, Rawia Mustaha, Rania Al Shawwa, Ola Salem, Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qadada, Mohsen Abu Al Khair and Henriette Araman and Francis Tams.

International Experts – Lin van Ellinckhuijsen, Bart Kiene, Philippe Lemaire, Peter Oskam, Muriel Besmer , Casper Vandeputte.

Directed by Hassan Al Najjar
Co-Directed by Sharaf Al Aydi

This is a day of death and coping with it. The 3-day mourning period is over for 2 brothers who have lost their older brother when a bomb hit a street stand. But this day is also the first day mourning period ย for their neighbour and school mate. Brothers and neighbours, young boys in the face of great loss, with different attitudes and different personalities find a way to understand what kind of people they must become.

Group 1
Hassan โ€“ Muhanned Abu Khadra
Mohammed โ€“ Ahmad Al Banna
Ibrahim โ€“ Ramiz Nassar

Technician – Abd Al Rahman Abu Aisha
Assistant – Fawzi Abu Zanad

Group 2
Hassan โ€“ Karam Afana
Mohammed โ€“ Yunis Ghatas
Ibrahim โ€“ Yousef Arafa

Technician – Ramzi Abu Harb
Assistant – Sharaf Al Aydi

Group 3
Hassan โ€“ Mohammed Al Khatib
Mohammed โ€“ Ibrahim Nafesh
Ibrahim –ย  Hassan Al Najjar

Technician – Mustafa Al Attal
Assistant – Abdo Al Banna