The Tree (Gaza 2013)


About the Summer Games
Losing and Finding is the theme of a collection of 6 plays made for children and youth during the summer of 2013. The plays are about the precious things that are lost in wars and how people, by nature, find ways to fill this loss. The title of each play is the lost thing.

In order to reach a wide audience, we had 22 teams of actors and actresses. Some of the plays were made 3 times and some 4. Four of the plays were made as graduations projects. Over 150,000 kids and adults saw a play during the summer of 2013.

All six plays were written by Jackie Lubeck
Dramaturgy and Artistic Director – Jan Willems

Wonderful TDP Team – Rafat Al Aydi, Mohammed Al Hessi, Amal Abu Dawoud, Maryam Enaia, Rawia Mustaha, Rania Al Shawwa, Ola Salem, Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qadada, Mohsen Abu Al Khair and Henriette Araman and Francis Tams.

International Experts – Lin van Ellinckhuijsen, Bart Kiene, Philippe Lemaire, Peter Oskam, Muriel Besmer , Casper Vandeputte.

Directed by Mohammed Aweida
Co-Directed by Manal Barakat

All the trees have been burned down except one. A boy has run away from home where he has no privacy and no opinion. A man has come running looking for his father who has “gone for a walk.” A very old grandfather has left his family because they stopped listening to him and don’t let him hunt. These 3 men, with no family/clan connections find themselves together under the one tree looking at life and what it might mean.

Group 1
Ali – Sami Abu Skheil
The Father – Noor Eddin Amer
The Grandfather –  Mohammed Al Haj

Technician -Mohammed Ammar
Assistant – Ahmed Al Attal

Group 2
Ali – Saed Al Khawaldeh
The Father – Raed Abu Shammaleh
The Grandfather –  Amin Al Najjar

Technician – Ahmed Abu Zanad
Assistant – Ali Abu Dawoud

Group 3
Ali – Obeida Jabber
The Father – Muataz Abdel Wahed
The Grandfather –  Islam Al Khatib

Technician – Akram Ahmed
Assistant – Mohammed Ewaida

Group 4
Ali – Mohammed Jabber
The Father – Basil Lubbad
The Grandfather –  Mahmoud Oudeh

Technician –  Omar Al Najjar
Assistant – Yusif Al Zayan