Jim, his mother, and his father, living in their space, worry about food, intruders, and the dangers of being together and alone. Jim wants to go out. His parents won’t allow it. What is a child to do?

The Cast(s)

“Hibernation” was made with two different casts.

For Girls Schools

Mother – Wisam Al Madani
Father – Taima Salhiya
Jim – Basima Masoud
Storyteller – Ahmad Kanfarna

For Boys Schools

Mother – Mohamad Al Bana
Father – Ghassan Salem
Jim – Mohamad Abu Aramana
Storyteller – Hassan Qaoud
Kid – Tamer Nijim
Man – Ibrahim Qasem

Directed by Rafat Al Aydeh

Write by  Heleen Verburg

Costumes by Hind Abu Hasanen

Assistant Director-in-Training – Sahreen Shaath