The Electricians (Gaza 2012)


“The Electricians” is a comedy with a King, a Wazir, a Man with an Event, The Man with Extra Candy, 2 Poor People, 2 Electricians, and a broken power plant. What good can happen for this collection of well-meaning folks?! The play is part of a 4-pay collection called “A Human Writes” (in English) and “Kings” (in Arabic). The other three plays are: “The Weavers,” “The Cooks,” and “The Bankers.”

Written by Jackie Lubeck

Directed by Rafat Al Aydi


Muhamad Othman               The King
Yousef Arafah                        The Wazir
Ramez Nassar                      The Man of the Event
Muhamad Abu Ghali            The Man with the Sweets
Sami Abu Sukheil                 Electrician 1
Muhamad Khader                 Electrician 2

Assistants & Trainees
Baha Al Yazigi                       Assistant Director
Sharaf Al Aydi                        Director-in-Training
Ismail Dahlan                       Director-in-Training

 Artistic Supervisor

Jan Willems                            Artistic Director/Program Designer TDP

Randa Muhana                     Gaza Office Manager
Amal Abu Dawood               Deputy Gaza Office Manager
Maryam Enaia                       Reporting Superviser
Rawia Mushtaha                   Administrative Assistant
Kamal Shublaq                     Accountant
Henriette Araman                 Jerusalem Office
Francis Tams                        Financial Manager

Technical and Design Team
Riyad Al Akhras                    Production Officer
Ashraf Sarhan                       Sets and Props Construction
Ahmad Qadada                    Technician
Ola Salem                              Production Assistant
Mohsen Abu Kheir               Technical Assistant