Chinese Rooster (Gaza 2009)

chineseroosterNo one woke up. Not the farmers, not the Sultan, not the kids. The entire empire overslept because the town rooster decided he no longer had a reason to crow. What difference did it make. Sleeping. Waking. It’s all the same. With the town in chaos and people milking their cows at midnight and having dinner at 6 in the morning and missing all kinds of necessary appointments, theΒ  Sultan is advised to import a Chinese Rooster. The feather covered machine arrives only to be caught up in the world of time zones and cultural differences. It will take Kids 1, 2, and 3 to figure out the program of this new rooster. And what of the local rooster?

The Players
Nabil Al Hadhoud – Kid 1
Ahmad Al Bana – Kid 2
Farid Ahmad – Kid 3
Omar Al Bahaysi – Sultan
Abdel Rahman Nijem – Wazir
Ahmad Al Bahaysi – Guard
Yassr Abdel Hadi – Grandfather 1
Omar Naji – Grandfather 2
Khalil Al Bahaysi – Father 1
Oudy Daboor – Father 2
Ousamma Al Naji – Mother 1
Mohammed Al Naji – Mother 2
Ahmad Al Shareef – The Chinese Rooster
Farid El Tibi – Local Rooster
Khadr Al Bhaysi – Technical Assistant

The Team
Idea by Khaled Khamash
Script by Jackie Lubeck
Directed by Khaled Khamash and Rafat Al Aydi
Designed by Jackie Lubeck and Ashraf Sirhan

Ahmad Qadada, Riyad Al Akhras, Ward Nasrallah, Mohammed Nofel

Randa Muhanna, Amal Abu Dawood, Dalia Sakani (Gaza)
Amer Khalil, Nancy Shourati, Dina Zbeidat, Francis Tams (Jerusalem)

Artistic Supervision – Jan Willems

In cooperation with Deir Al Balah Association for Rehabilitation