The Same Problem (Hebron 2005)


One building… One problem… The same problem… Four neighbours… And hundreds of opinions. How to solve the problem? Which opinion should we use? Is there any way to agree on how to approach this thing that’s growing out of control? And of the people who pass by… Who look at the problem and who laugh at us as we try to solve it, as we fight, as we try to make some sense of it. They are 4 neighbours who share the same problem and it’s piling up. Yes, the pile is growing.

The Players (in order of appearance)
Khaled Jolani – 1st Neighbour Khaled
Majd Aweidat – 3rd Neighbour Majd
Sameh Al Amleh – 4th Neighbour Qassem
Rami Dana – 2nd Neighbour Yazan
Shadi Hashlamon – Garbage Man & Construction Worker 1
Yazan Shareef – Kid 1, Student 1, & Chorus 1
Qassem Al Natsheh – Kid 2, Student 2, & Chorus 2
Iyad Horani – Kid 3, Student 3, Construction Worker 2, Mailman, Chorus 3
Singer – Abdel Naser Mattariyeh

Written & Directed by Ihab Zahdeh
Assistant Director – Abdel Nasser Mattariyeh
Production & Technician – Hammam Amro