The Green Box (Gaza 2005)


Hey piece of wood go and come back
Take me to my grandparents
They are in the suburbs of Acre
They will give me a dress and a cake
And the cake is in the box
The box needs a key
The key is at the ironsmith
And he wants money
The money is with the bride
And the bride is in the bathroom
The bathroom needs a lamp
The lamp fell into the well
The well needs a robe
The robe is on the horns of a bull
The cow needs hay
And the garden needs rain
Rain is inside the cloud
Oh God let it rain
Oh God let it rain

Imad, Ayman, and Zahra try to convince their parents and uncles to go on a search for a Green Box that has unlimited food and clothing in it… enough for the rest of their lives. The search for the Green Box is difficult. Obstacles pop up everywhere, everyday. If finding the box turns out to be impossible, does that mean that we stop looking for it? This is a good question.

About the Players
Eighteen boys and girls are in this production and come from three different schools. They cross several age groups from 9 – 17 years old. In “The Green Box” this group looks at all children and all adults and says: Hey, let’s build, let’s rejoice, let’s love, let’s work, let’s get it together.

The Players
From Shuhada Al Zatun Preparatory Boys School
Mohamed Al Hadad
Mohamed Al Shawwa
Mohamed Lolo
Belal Al Bana
Ahmed Al Bana
Ammar Totah
Hamoda Syam

From Safad Elementary B Boys School
Wael Al Dahdoh
Ahmed Keshko

From Al Zatun Elementary B Girls School
Diana Dalol
Amani Dalol
Sojod Tafesh

From Al Zatun Elementary B Girls School
Feda Azam
Neda Azam
Hanadi Syam
Wafa Hanona
Hakma Al Sarhi
Nour Al Huda Hanouna

Directed by Yusri Al Mughari
Written by Farhan Bolbol

Assistant Directing by Baha Eliazji
Technical work by Ahmad Qadada
Design by Yusri Al Mughari
Set up & Costumes made by Baha Eliazji, Mohammed Al Hissi, and Mohamed Nofal
Songs Composition and Training by Sheren Zedan

Rafat Al Aydeh – Artistic Leader in Gaza
Mervat Hafez – Gaza Office Manager
Randa Muhanna – Gaza Assistant to the Manager
Supervised by Jan Willems, Amer Khalil, & Jackie Lubeck