Back Street Stories (Gaza 1999)

bss_1For teenagers, life is turbulent. It is the time of physical and emotional change. It is a time of rebellion and of the search for personal independence.

The play “Back Street Stories” is a collection of stories told by a group of close friends who have shared ‘bread and salt’. In telling these stories, the boys are able to share with each other (and with the audience) some of their dreams, secrets, embarrassments, and the difficulties of teenage life. These stories, sometimes painful, are always heartfelt. If they have a tough impact, it is because life is tough. The play has no particular story except for the stories themselves and the relation of the characters (the story-tellers) with each other. The play has an open end and thus gives teenagers room to add their own stories. If there is a message… it’s this: You are who you are! Your life will pass through many stages and that while growing up friendship and communication are two of the most important human values that we have.

The Actors
Mohammed Abu Kweik – Abbass
Mohammed Hamdan – Subhi
Nahed Hanouna – Salah
Yusri Al Mughari – Shaker
Rami Salmeh – Ramadan

Written by Jackie Lubeck (based on stories by the actors)
Directed by Jan Willems

The Team
Light Design by Gert-Ove Wagstam
Technical Work by Rafat Al Aydeh