In the Rectangle of Doubt (Gaza 2016)

(a street theatre performance)

Written and Directed by Rafat Al Aydeh

The storyline follows a young Bedouin, Salem, as he grows up in a place that seems to be cut from the rest of society. The real village of Um al Nasser in north Gaza has a surprise in every direction: the barbed wire, the sewage pool, the road to the border, the sea. Um al Nasser is a different world living in a different time, a minority inside the minority of the Gaza Strip. Salem knows nothing of the world of Gaza and he heads there in order to discover it. We see Salem grow up in a series of funny and sad scenes starting in school and ending in the world of journalism and organizations. The play raised big questions regarding “the other” for the audiences who saw it performed on different corners and courtyards throughout all the Gaza Strip.

The Actors
Hasan Al Akhras: Salem
Fadi Abu Yasin: Teacher
Said Khalawlda: Journalist
Mohammed Afifi: Nasty Policeman
Mahmoud Abu Zbedeh: International Organization
Master of Ceremony: Mohammed Aweida:

With participation from Un Al Nasser boys: Mahmoud Ashtawi, Foad Abu Rawaa, Ahmad Abu Fireyya, Habib Abu Ghaghara, Iyad Abu Fireyya

Assistant Director – Mohammed Al Hissi

Production: Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qadada, Ashraf Sirhan, Muhsen Abu El Kheer

Administration: Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Ibrahim Abu Shawarab, Doaa Abu Abdo, Rania Al Shawa, Tania Murtaja, Henriette Araman, Francis Tams, & Anan Terhi

Artistic Supervision:  Jan Willems & Jackie Lubeck