Playing Life (Gaza 2016)

Yousef was born in Gaza. At 16 years old he has lived the normal life of boys and girls his age: sometimes school, sometimes bombardments, sometimes surprises like when his school was destroyed and his best friend died. And sometimes there is love, there is his mom, there are his friends who feel like hanging out together, there is a day for you. How, asks Yousef, can we play this life or stop life from playing us?!

Directed by Mohammed Ewaida (based on stories of participating kids)
Assistant Director-in-Training – Said El Khawaldi

The Players
(from the Numerate Refugee Camp Boys Elementary School)

Ahmad Bahoor
Bashar Doukhan
Khaled Mazeed
Khalil Rumani
Imad El Issawi
Muhanned Abu Rabo
Yousef Hamida
Yousef El Katawi

Administration: Ibrahim Abu Shawareb, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Doaa Abu Abdo, Rania Al Shawa, Tania Murtaja, Henriette Araman, & Francis Tams

Technical Work: Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qadada, Ashraf Sirhan, Muhsen Abu El Kheer, Abdallah Mghari

Artistic Supervision: Jan Willems, Rafat Al Aydi, Mohammed Hissi, & Jackie Lubeck