Pasha Baroud (Gaza 2012)


(based on the Egyptian story by Mamdouh Olwan of the same title)

Directed by Sharaf Al Adyi as his Final Project of TDP’s 3-Year Cirriculum

We live in a world where people are afraid of the powers that be.

We start with the messenger arriving with the news that the dog of the Pasha Baroud has died. The villagers consider the kind of commemoration they should have… or if they should have one at all. They must consider the reaction of the Pasha Baroud regarding the canine eulogy. They begin to write… with mixed enthusiasm until the messenger re-arrives with up-to-date information that it is not the dog who has died… but the very Pasha himself. Now another eulogy should be written and they must consider the still unknown Next-in-Line-Pashar. The messenger re-arrives with his final news: There is, nor will there ever be, a new Pasha. 

And thus the question: Are we ready for freedom?!

The Actors
Mohammed Al Khateeb as Nader, a man in the village
Mahmoud Abu Zubidah as Nuri, a government employee
Ashraf Al Afifi as Fouad, an eduacated man in the village
Mohammed Owedah as Samaoul, the village fool
Hassan Al Najar as Merhej, a village notable
Hassan Al Akhras as Fathal, the village poet

Artistic Supervision
Jan Willems & Rafat Al Aydi

Technical Team
Riyad Al Akhras, Ahmad Qadada, Ashraf Sarhan,Ola Salem, Wisam Al Dirawi, Mohammed Nofel

Administration Team
Randa Muhana , Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Rawia Mushtaha, Kamal Shublaq, & Hadeel Sous, Francis Tams, &  Jackie Lubeck