Memories from Lines (Gaza 2012)


Based on Improvisations by the Kids

Directed by Ismail Dahlan for his Final Project of TDP’s 3-Year Cirriculum

A group of hiking boy scouts discover a cave and enter it. It appears that someone lives there. And from the depths of this world comes Jaber and his wife. They are living in the cave since 1948 refusing to leave unless they can go home. They have painted lines on walls, drawings of how life was, drawings of war. Whe an object is accidentally broken, the wife begins to reconsider her situation. She asks about life today. The boys tell her not only about daily life but about ID cards and the registration of the 1948 Palestinian population. With this new information Jaber and Halima decide to leave the cave with the scouts to go on with their lives.

The Players
Said Thaher – Jaber, the old man
Ahmed Al Mahjob – Halima, Jaber’s wife
Saib Al Haj – Abed, a scout
Ayman Al Majdob – Yosif, a scout
Mhammed Nejim – Tawfiq, a scout
Yahiya Salih –  Rafiq, a scout

Director’s Assistant-in-Training – Mohammed Othman


Artistic Supervision

Jan Willems & Rafat Al Aydi

Amal Abu Dawood,
Maryam Enaia,
Rawia Mushtaha,
Kamal Shublaq                       

Technical Team
Riyad Al Akhras,
Ahmad Qadada,
Ashraf Sarhan,
Mohammed Nofel
Sets by Ismail Dahlan & Mohammed Othman & Hind Abu Hassanein


Jackie Lubeck
Francis Tams
Hadeel Sous