General Strike (Gaza 2007)


I am like a worm living in a radish. I lived in it my whole life, eating from it and being protected by it. But I never knew that along with the radish there is an apple, a mango, and other fruit. The five of us live in one house. Mother and father have gone on a trip. We are trying to get along. But we are fighting… fighting prove ourselves… and we are unable to stop…! So we are looking…! Until we find a solution for our house… we are hereby announcing a general strike. Dear Audience… we are giving you the keys to the doors.

The Actors
Bahaa Yaziji
Mohammed Hissi
Islam Khateeb (Trainee Year 2)
Ahmad Sarhan (Trainee Year 2)
Morad Moghari (Trainee Year 2)

Writen & Directed by Rafat Al Aydeh
(based on the improvisations of the actors)

Light and Sound Technician – Ahmad Qadada
Producer Assistant – Mohammed Nofal
Décor – Ahmad Sarhan

Acting Manager– Randa Mohana
Office Assistant  – Dalia Sakani

Artistic Supervision – Amer Khalil, Jackie Lubeck, and Jan Willems