The Swing (Hebron 2007)

in a courtyard…
in a city…
in Palestine…
live a life-time…

The Cast & Crew
Mohammed Titi – Saadi (Abu Ala)
Raed Shioukhi – Radi (Abu Saed)
Ihab Zahdeh – Fahmi (Abu Ghaleb)

Written & Directed by Jackie Lubeck
Based on the script “The Hosh” improvisations of Mohammed Titi, Raed Shioukhi, & Ihab Zahdeh
Artistic Director – Jan Willems

Sound & Light Technician – Hammam Amro
Music Selection – Amer Khalil & Hammam Amro
Hebron Manager – Tariq Abu Hashhash

General Manager – Amer Khalil
Administrative Assistant -Nancy Al Shourati

A New Play
Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, playing with rules, making mistakes, and having fun. The Swing began as an experiment! And all those who made it invented, grew, took risks, played with rules, made mistakes, and had lots and lots of fun! The actors began working in January following an intensive learning trip to Poland. Their task was to make scenes on the idea of neighbours who live in political turmoil. We wanted a universal theme, something people in other countries would understand, and something we – as Palestinians – could share – with other cultures. The first part of the experiment resulted in an angry play! Of course we are angry! But we are also artists… And art gives you the freedom to look at an idea in a million ways. So we continued with our experiment. We tried again. We kept looking. It wasn’t easy. But because we allowed ourselves to experiment, to play, to look for something new, we found a new idea for our neighbours. The Swing looks at the life-time of 3 people… Who grow old before your eyes.

The Music in the Play

“Ma Ahla Noorha”
Music by Sayed Darwish
Performed by Charbal Ruhana

Music by Muhsin Subhi

“Rak Al Habib”
Music by Mohammed Qasabji
Lyrics by Ahmad Rami
Performed by Um Kalthoum

“Ya Jarata Al Wadi”
Music by Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Lyrics by Ahmad Shawqi
Performed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab

“Rah Ahalfak Bilghuson Ya Asfour”
Music by Asi Al Rahbani
Lyrics by Michel Tdrad
Performed by Wadia Al Safi

“Sahirtu Minhu El Layyali”
Music by by Mohammed Abdel Wahab
Lyrics (source unknown)
Performed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab

Music & Lyrics by Hassan Erraji & Arabesque

Music & Lyrics by Hassan Erraji & Arabesque

“Sonaf Khamsa”
Music & Lyrics by Hassan Erraji & Arabesque