The Glass Café (Hebron 1998)


We are in a glass café. We can see life but can do nothing about it. Strange that the story was written by Sadallah Wanous in 1965 and it still can be played as if it was written yesterday.

The regular customers come to the café every day. They play shesh-besh and let life pass by. They have no other purpose. The owner of the café makes sure the establishment is flea-free. He has no other purpose. The waiter serves as is his task. And other customers, both dead and alive, haunt the place. It might be the end of the world for these people. Will their sons take their places after they are gone? Or will something change. Will the volcano erupt? We can see it through the glass walls. We are watching it fall on our heads.

Written by Sadallah Wanous
Directed by Jan Willems

The Actors
Mohammed Titi – Jassem
Raed Shioukhi – Unsi
Ihab Zahdeh – The Waiter
Khalil Shethefan – Abdel Hamid Al Darwish
Marwan Tartouri – Zaza

The Team
Yousef Tartouri – Text Adaptation
Amjad Tarouri – Production Assistant
Vivian Sansour – Assistant Director
Jackie Lubeck & Abdel Salam Abdo – Sets & Design
Music Selection – The Shehadeh Brothers