At Grandmother’s (Gaza 2006)


Based on stories from Kalila and Dimna

Four girls live with their grandmother after the death of their mother. They are miserable. They hate the routine, the house situation, and slowly they begin to feel that they are disappearing. Grandmother doesn’t know what to do when the oldest sister decides she wants to die. It is the younger sister who comes up with the “cure.”

The Players (from El Ramla Secondary High School)

Doua El Dreemli – Grandmother
Suzanne Lafi – The Biggest Sister
Kholoud Atallah – The Middle Sister
Riham Rajeh – The Youngest Sister

Noor Abu Jarad – The MC
Entesar El Shawwa – Sound Assistant
Nahla El Assi & Yasmeen Murad – Costume Assistants

Written and Directed by Rafat Al Aydeh (from the writings of Baydaba Al Hindi)

Assistant to the Director & Drama Teacher – Muhammad Shashaa
Assistant to the Director – Manal Barakat

Technician – Ahmad Qadada.
Technicians-in-Training – Jawwad El Nadim & Abdullah Al Mughari
Sets – Ashraf Sirhan (volunteer)
Production Assistant – Mohammed Nofal
Acting Manager – Randa Muhanna
Office Assistant – Hiba Zeer