The Others (Gaza 2006)



How Zied and Why Abeid?!

The Players
Mahmoud Ahmad Al Ghirbawi
Mohammed Al Ghirbawi
Dina Enkhali
Ahmad Abu Hassan
Zakaria Al Hassan
Hamid Al Daqran
Ashjan Nassr
Mahmoud Ouni Al Ghirbawi
Assam Abed

Samer and Majed… Sister and brother… Same house… Same room…. Same toys.
They fight… They sleep… They wake… They fight… They sleep… They wake.
The toys can’t stand it anymore!
They rebel!

Directed by Baha Eliazji
Adapted by Baha Eliazji and Mohammed Al Hissi
From the story by Mahmoud Suboh

Assistant Director – Mohammed Al Hissi
Technician – Ahmad Qadada
Production Assistant – Mohammed Nofal
Wigs by Hanan Qassem

Gaza Artistic Leader – Rafat Al Aydeh
Gaza Manager – Mervat Hafez
Administration Assistant – Randa Muhanna

In cooperation with the Jabbaliya Youth House for Culture & Arts