45 Minutes Alone (Hebron 2010)


About the Play
The play takes place in a classroom on a seemingly regular school day in Palestine. Thirteen out of the 30 of one class arrive for their first lesson. No teacher arrives, no principal arrives, only these 13 kids. Something is going on in the city. Soldiers are everywhere. The students don’t know what happened or how they will leave the school.

“45 Minutes Alone” is the stories these children tell during their first lesson of this school day. The young actors and actresses in “45 Minutes Alone” come from 3 schools in Hebron and been active in Hebron’s small (but growing) theatre club.  The kids are between the ages of 12 – 15. Most of the kids in the play have never left Hebron,  have never been to the sea, have never visited Jerusalem.

The Players
Rana Al Bakri
Lina Naserddin
Jumana Madieh
Assala Salhab
Heba Al Bakri
Jamila Dweik
Shahd Talbishi
Shireen Idais
Mohammed Maswada
Tamer Juneidi
Mahmoud Abu Hamdiya
Ahmed Amro
Mohammed Nofal

Text of the Play: Improvised by the Children

The Adults
Directed by Amer Khalil
Assistants: Jackie Lubeck & Ihab Zahdeh
Idea of the Play: Mahmoud Eid (Ministry of Education/Activities Department)
Activity Coordinator – Hamed Abu Mukho (Ministry of Education/Activities Department)
Assisting Teachers: Hanaydah Abu Rajab & Nedaa Al Herbawi (Hebron School Teachers)

“45 Minutes Alone” was co-produced by the Palestinian Ministry of Education.