World Cup (Gaza 2010)


Why do people like the World Cup? Is it only sport? Or is it also the battle between two sides and a WINNER? What would happen if we took our Palestinian dabkeh dance and turned this into a battle of two sides and a winner? What if, instead of dancing at weddings, we would play football at weddings? Here we have a family: the father who thinks that only force and winning is what counts… and the rest of his family who thinks that perhaps the dabkeh is more fitting. This family will play against each other. And may the best team win… or dance.

The Players
Khadra Ahmad Ayesh
Halima Salem Matar
Fatmeh Salem Matar
Noor Samih Ghatass
Amira Hani Abu Ghola
Riham Ziyad Khatab
Huda Wael Ahmad
Baraa Ibrahim El Talalqa
Ikhlass Marwan Abu Khat

Directed by Muhmoud Oudeh
Assistant – Wissam El Dirawi

Technical and Production
Ahmad Qadada, Riyad Al Akhras, Ashraf Sirhan, Mohammed Nofal, Baha Elyazji

Randa Muhana, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaya, Rawia Mushtaha (Gaza)
Jackie Lubeck, Amer Khalil, Nancy Shourati,  Francis Tams (Jerusalem)

Artistic Supervision
Rafat Al Aydi and Jan Willems