The Seller of Black Honey (Gaza 2010)

black_honeyDear Generous Gentlemen,
After greetings begins the words.
I am a person not like any other.
Everyone sees as he wants.
I’d like to see myself as I am.
It’s that my right, oh people.
What’s important…
Is that they will care about me…
And about what I do.
You know what? I’m going crazy.
I lost my whole life…
At the close of my talk…
Let me say…
Forgive me and may God raise you up and give you long life and strength.
With all my greetings,
Khadour, the seller of black honey

The Players
Ala Shakkoura – Khadour –  the father who sells black honey
Zahra El Kurdi – Khadoura – the mother
Amani El Omari – Mahmoud
Afaf Saed – Ahmad
May El Kitri – Neighbor 1
Sawsan El Ajrami – Neighbor 2
Maram Abed – Maram
Sundus Abdallah – assistant on sets and props
Hadeel El Madhoun – assistant on sets and props

Directed by Manal Barakat
Assistant – Randa Abu Mughsaeb – actor/drama-teacher (in training)

Technical & Production
Ryadh El Akhras, Ahmad Qadada, Mohammad Nofal,  Ashraf Sarhan

Randa Mhanna, Amal Abu Daoud, Maryam Enaya, (Gaza)
Amer Khalil, Jackie Lubeck, Nancy Shourati, Vicktoria Katan, Francis Tams‫ ‬(Jerusalem)

Artistic Supervision
Rafat El Aydi & Jan Willems