The King is The King (Hebron 2003)

king350“The King is the King” was written in 1977 by the Syrian writer Saddallah Wanous. The play over 25 years old still speaks to us on many levels and opens doors for many thoughts, fantasies, and discussions. The writer uses a universal theme in literature… that of the king who wants to know what THE people really say about him So he disguises himself and goes out among them. In this play, the King goes too far and falls victim to his own game.

There is a bigger theme in the play, however. The king in our play is a symbol. He is a symbol of the powers that effect people’s lives. And it doesn’t matter if this is on a world scale, on regional scale, a social scale, a family scale. Who is the disguised king among us? Do we like him? Can we change him? Can we change our world?

The Actors
Nabil Al Rayee – 1st King
Maher Sirhan – 1st Vizier
Farid Al Rayee – Maymoun the Servant
Nizar Al Biss – Abu Azza & the 2nd King
Abdel Mughni Al Jabari – Urqub & the 2nd Vizier
Abdel Nasser Mattariyyeh – Im Azza
Jamil Hilmi – Chief of Police
Nooh Sabbah – Ubayd


Directed by Jan Willems
Written by Sadallah Wanous

Composition – Abdel Nasser Mattariyyeh & Nabil Al Rayee
Solo Song – Nizar Al Biss & Nabil Al Rayee

Adapted by Jan Willems
Assistant Director – Raed Shioukhi
Set & Costume Design – Jackie Lubeck
Costume Team – Janan Shabaneh & Pauline Nunu
Technician – Hammam Amro
General Manager – Amer Khalil
Administration – Pauline Nunu