The Utopians (Hebron 2004)


It’s an impossible project that takes energy, compassion, and motivation! But if you want to follow your dream… in our circumstances… a choice has to be made… and it is yours.‬
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‏‪Rani is fed up with life! His everyday problems and his love for music won’t fit together. He wants to disappear. Alone, with thoughts running through his head and music playing in his ears, Rani chooses. He begins his project. A music group… And a free concert of original music and songs that come from the heart and soul of the people. His group of friends, all with other jobs, drop what they are doing to join the group. And it is during the rehearsals that the friends confront each other with their contrasting personalities, jealousies, egos, and the pile of arguments that arise from such a project. Can they do it? Can they put their personal problems aside for the good of the group? Can they make it in this situation that is anything but Utopian?

The Actors‬
‏‪Abdel Nassr Mattariyyeh – Rani‬
‏‪Jamil Hilmi – Saadi‬
‏‪Nooh Sabbah – Qusay‬
‏‪Nizar Al Biss – Fahid‬
‏‪Abdel Mughni Al Jabari – Mansi‬
‏‪Rafat Lafi – Naji‬
‏‪Mohammed Titi – Mustafa‬

Written by Jackie Lubeck‬
‏‪Directed by Amer Khalil & Raed Shioukhi‬

Artistic Director – Jan Willems‬
Assistant Director – Mohammed Titi‬
‏‪Set & Costume Design – Jackie Lubeck‬
‏‪Sound Technician – Hammam Amro‬
‏‪Hebron Administration – Janan Shabaneh‬
‬ ‬
‏‪Original Songs in the Play‬
‏‪Music from Arab heritage‬
‏‪Lyrics by Raed Shioukhi‬
‪ ‬
‏‪”Uncle Abdel Mouin”‬
‏‪Music by Raed Shioukhi‬
‏‪& Abdel Nasser Mattariyyeh‬
‏‪Lyrics by Rafat Lafi‬
‪ ‬
‏‪”Pain & Fear”‬
‏‪Music by Raed Shioukhi‬
‏‪& Abdel Nassr Mattariyyeh‬
‏‪Lyrics by Mohammed Titi & Nabil Rayee‬
‪ ‬
‏‪”What Do You Think About Me”‬
‏‪Music by Raed Shioukhi & Abdel Nasser Mattariyyeh‬
‏‪Lyrics by Raed Shioukhi‬