The Elephant Oh King of This Time (Gaza 2002)


Think About This?
Did you ever want to do something important and couldn’t? What stopped you? How should you proceed?

To bear… or not to bear… it’s not in our hands.
I tell you what’s in our hands. That we all go to complain to the king… to explain to him what happened to us.
We can shout in front of him “Help us, oh King of this Time”.
To enter the palace?
Who are we to speak to the king?
We are people.
They will not allow us.
Maybe he will get angry and God knows what will happen to us.
The king will be angry.
So… is there any fear stronger than that of being afraid every moment… for your life, your child, your property?
Not really.
He’s right.
We have nothing to lose.
Why hesitate!?
Who knows? Maybe the king doesn’t know…
It’s possible
We have no other solution. We’ll go the king on our own and tell him.
What are we waiting for???

The Actors
Zakaria & Guard 1 – Mahmoud Oudeh
Man 1 – Ziad Nasrallah
Man 2 & King – Kathem Ghoth
Man 3 – Rassem Shammiya
Man 4 & Guard 2 – Khaled Khamash
Man 5 – Mohammed Shashaa
Woman – Baha Eliazji

Directed by Nahed Hanouna
Written by Sadallah Wanous

Technician – Ibrahim Masarii
Supervising Director – Jan Willems
General Manager – Amer Khalil
Administration – Mervat Hafez