Inside Outside – The Same (Gaza 2011)


Written & Directed by Sharaf Al Aydi and Ismail Dahlan (for the 2011 Drama Festival)

“Inside Outside” began as a drama workshop. It then was performed in the Drama Festival. Because of the kids and subject, we decided to do a short tour of this Kids for Play that deals with one of the most important subjects in Gaza regarding girls and women.

The theme of the play is the phobia of parents of letting their daughters go outside. In the story,   a widow lives with her daughter. The mother refuses to let the girls out even as the girls are looking through the windows at the world around them. They overhear girls talking about a beach. They want to go and with some shouting and yelling they convince their mother to take them. They arrive at the seashore in a tent. They go into the sea in the tent. They swim in the tent… Until a great wind blows across the sea taking the tent with it. With the mother on the shore, in hysterics, the girls are finally swimming openly in the Gaza Rivera.

The actual play happens in the house with the daughters overhearing girls on the street talking about their lives and experiences.

The Players

Shaimaa Al Jabuor
Suad Al Najar 
Diana Shaath
Alaa Al Jabur 
Sabah Al Najar                       

Artistic Supervision & Teachers

Jan Willems & Rafat Al Aydi & Mohammed El Hissi & Jackie Lubeck

Administration & Financial Support

Randa Muhana, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Rawia Mushtaha, & Hadeel Sous, Kamal Shublaq, Francis Tams              

Technical Team
Riyad Al Akhras, Ahmad Qadada, Mohammad Nofal, Ashraf Sarhan