The Elephant Oh King of This Time (Gaza 2001)


Did you every want to do something important and couldn’t?

The play was made with kids acting during 2001-2002 right after the version with adults acting. (The Elephant Oh King of This Time). We had two entirely different productions. Somehow the one with the kids acting was funnier because they were playing complaining adults and in many ways were making good fun of them. The kids’ version had a much bigger cast thus many more characters.

Written by Sadallah Wanoos
Directed by Yusri Al Mughari

The Players
Mohammed Abdo
Mohammed Al Nabeeh
Mohammed Morad
Mohammed Al Aysaweh
Mohammed Al Batish
Omar El Jarjaweh
Mohammed Al Hanjouri
Mohammed Maher Al Kitaffi
Ahmad Hamada
Nabih Keheil
Hamdi Khader
Assam Al Nabeeh
Arafat Bulbul