Room # 3 (Gaza 2013)


Based on Improvisations by Participating Children
Directed by Ismail Dahalan
Assistant (Drama Trainee) – Sami Abu Skheil

We are in a hospital room. All sorts of boys are in beds with all sorts of wounds, illnesses, and disorders. Bored, worried, but full of jokes and stories they decide to take over the ward and share their lives with each other, each visitor to the ward, the hospital staff,  and the entire audience.


The Players

Mahomoud Al Asuous – Azzouz
Hamza Al Amoudi – Subhi
Naeim Hammad – Jameel
Muhannad Hassanein – The Mother
Mohammed Al Qudwa – The Doctor
Mahmoud Kihail – Nurse 1
Yusif Al Qurum – Nurse 2
Helmy Bushnaq – Nurse 3
Majd Hamdan – Nahid
Mohammed Al Amoudi – Hisham
Salah Shihada – The Old Man
Mohammed Abu Zaid – Visitor 1
Yehya Al Amoudi – Visitor 2
Bilal Mesleh – Visitor 3
Hassan Abu Asuous – Visitor 4
Waseem Abu Shaaban – Safi
Mohammed Al Kurdi – Hamdan
Mohammed Helles – Security man
Osama Abu Jasser – Father of Safi


Artistic Supervision & Teachers: Jan Willems, Rafat Al Aydi, Mohammad Hessi, & Jackie Lubeck Administration Support: Randa Muhanna, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaia, Rawia Mushtaha, Ranai Al Shawwa, Henriette Araman & Francis Tams Technical Support: Riyad Al Akhrass, Ahmed Qadada, Ashraf Sirhan, Muhsen Abu El Kheer