Birthday (Hebron 2007)

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We are 12 girls at a birthday party and there is shooting outside. We can’t leave yet so we decide to make a play full of intrigue and complications, of people watching people watching people.

The Players
Fatima Al Khdoor
Shimaa Al Khdoor
Ayat Manasra
Amira Manasrah
Azza Manasrah

From the Players

Fatima (13 years) 8th grade – “I learned to believe in what I do, so others would believe in me.”

Shimaa  (14 years) 10th grade – “I participated because I love acting. Acting taught me to respect the opinions of others.”

Ayat (12 years) 7th grade – “Being in a group is hard for me. I am shy. But with drama it became easier. I’m still shy.”

Amira (14 years) 9th grade – “I am more courageous than before and now I am making speeches on the school radio while before I had no courage to do that.”

Azza  (14 years) 9th grade – “Drama taught me to trust myself and to trust others.”

The Team
Written and Directed by Ihab Zahdeh
Based on “The Treasure” by Ayman Fatiha

Assistant Director – Raed Shioukhi
Sound and Light Technician – Hammam Amro
Hebron Branch Manager – Tariq Abu Hashhash

Jan Willems, Amer Khalil, & Jackie Lubeck

Made in Beni Naiem Village with the help of the Beni Naiem Women’s Society