The Magic Cave (Hebron 2007)


Love of self… Love of others… Sacrificing self for others, sometimes for the good, and sometimes it goes wrong. Who is selfish? And who is dedicated to others. In “The Cave” we find a new version of the familiar story of the magic lamp we are all familiar with.

The Players
Alaa Ahmaro – The Queen
Suzan Al Janazreh – The King
Mohammad Sarahneh – Taghoor
Moumen Al Hamouz – Allaa
Aseel Al Maqousi – Burhan (Jinn)
Alaa Ghatasheh – Burhan (Jinn)
Yasmeen Nassar – Burhan (Jinn)
Ibtissam Sarahneh – The Princess


From the Players

Suzan (12 years) Al-Fuwwar Girls Basic School – Acting inspires my imagination and makes me discover what is inside me.

Moumen Al Hamouz (14 years) Al-Fuwwar Boys Basic School – I am more capable of taking in hand my own responsibilities and facing my responsibilities.

Aseel Al Maqousi (15 years) Al-Fuwwar Girls Secondary School – Acting made me break down my shyness.
Mohammad Sarahneh (14 years) Al-Fuwwar Boys Basic School – Acting taught me what focus means and how to make it and how also to be patient.

The Team
Directected by  Mohammed Titi
Written by – Mahmoud Subeh
Assistant Director – Raed Shioukhi
Sound and Light Technician – Hammam Amro
Hebron Regional Manager – Tariq Abu Hashhash

Jan Willems, Amer Khalil, & Jackie Lubeck