The Lost Treasure (Gaza 2001)

lost_treasureFive bored boys decided to go on ad adventure in search of a buried treasure.
Little do they know that not only one ghost, but two, are out there waiting for them.
Two ghosts and a pile of gold.

The Adventurers
Ali Muhanna – Ayman
Mohammed Es Sleem – Jaber
Ahmad Es Sbeh – Asaad
Mohammed Khalili – Muhsin
Adham Karaja – Ali
Husni Hamada – the Ghosts



Direction and Teaching by Nahed Hanouna
Written by Rafat Al Aydeh

Sound and Music by Rafat Al Aydeh and Jan Willems
Songs by Nafez El Banna
Costumes and Sets by Nahed Hanouna and Jackie Lubeck

Production Assisting by Masoud Zurab


Artistic Supervision by Jan Willems