The Medium (Gaza 2002)


Naji and Saed are two young friends. They are two characters whose spirit we find everywhere… in every time… from our own homes to all societies of the world. They are teenagers… at the beginning of life’s battle… living the advantages and disadvantages, the traditions and habits that society offers. They have an extra problem to overcome… they are physically disabled. Naji is blind and Saed is lame. They are trying to deal with their problems and to jump beyond traditions and habits. They try to change their world and to think in a new way. Will they change their world…? Or does the will to change die in them?

The Players
Naji – Mohammed Es Sleem
Saed – Ali Muhanna
One-Eyed Man – Maher As Safadi
Father – Ali Dalou
Mukhtar – Islam Al Khatib

Witter, Director, and Teacher – Rafat Al Aydeh

Percussions – Salama Kareem
Costumes – Mohammed Nofal 
echnician – Ibrahim Masarii
Administration – Mervat Hafez
Assistants – Hanadi Abu Hasira & Jihan Abu Lasheen & Hiba Shalouf

Supervising Director – Jan Willems