Im Al Banat (Hebron 2006)


A mother has 6 daughters to raise. Newly widowed, the house is filled with emptiness. It is in this emptiness that each of the girls must grow, find her dream, her desire, her rebellion, and her love of life. Under one roof, the mother tries to make financial ends meet, Sabreen waits for the promised millionaire, Wala decides to stop speaking, while the rest are scattered between right and wrong.

The 8 girls in “Im Al Banat” all come from the Halhoul Secondary Girls School in the Hebron Governate. “Im Al Banat” is the first time TDP works with high school girls.

The Players
Sahar Al Aqratt – The Mother
Jumanah Hssunat – A Daughter
Sabreen Issa – A Daughter
Mira Abu Yousef – A Daughter
Inas Suleiman – A Daughter
Yasmeen Abu Asabbah  – A Daughter
Shatha Ramadan – A Daughter
Walla Abu Asabbah – A Daughter
Nadira Al Shatreet – A Daughter
Hanadi Isbitan – The Neighbour
Maher Sirhan – The Groom

The Team
Written and Directed by Raed Shioukhi

Assistant Director – Maher Sirhan
Assisting Director – Ihab Zahdeh
Sound Technician and Music Selection – Hammam Amro
Production Assistant – Mohammed Titi
Hebron Management – Tariq Abu Hashhash