Shaher & Falah (Tulkarem 1999)


We set out to make a theatre performance that would be close to the daily life of Palestinian teenagers… a play that would stimulate young adults to ask themselves some basic questions.
“What is waiting for me out there in the future?”
“Can I really count on my friends?”
“Am I someone with taste… with an opinion…?”
Do I touch people?”
Am I noticed?”

Meet Shaher & Falah. Falah can’t say the letter R correctly and Shaher  has a scar across the side of his face. Best friends living in Tulkarem. Their daily after-school routine takes place no place in particular. It is the routine of the radio with its programs of mirrors and magazines, comparisons and conversations, hair styles and heights, school and soccer.

It is on one of these ordinary routine days that two men pass. Out of nowhere, they are familiar. Out of nowhere, they know too much about the boys. Meet Shaher & Falah at 40 years old. Still stuck in the same routine. NO the boys shout. This can’t be me. NO I am not him and I won’t be him.
Everything you do is a choice. Everything you do – every second of the day – has consequences for the future. If you waste your time now, you will regret it later. It is never too late to change your life or your situation. This is what Shaher & Falah come to understand.

Ghassan Suboh – Shaher
Ala Abu Saa – Falah
Ahmad Al Ahwal – Shaher at 40
Mohammed Judeh – Falah at 40

Technician Hazem Abu Aysheh

Directed by Jan Willems

Written by Jackie Lubeck (based on improvisations)