The Little Match Seller (Hebron 2008)


This well-known fairy tale Hans Christian Anderson has been told many times in Palestine. It is the story of a poor orphan girl who must sell matches on the street of her city. This cold winter day, she has sold nothing. She is afraid to go home so she finds a small place where she can hide. Shivering in the cold, she decides to light a match. And then another. And another. Each match brings her warmth and visions of a better life. But life is cruel. And people are cruel to the poor. Somewhere there is a better life… even if it is in our imaginations.

The Players
Waad Al Jada
Mamoun Al Hataba
Ali Al Madhoun
Sana Al Wohoush
Ayham Honiehen
Mohammad Al Hataba
Atheer Al Jada
Yazan Al Hataba
Adham Shaheen
Mohammad Al Wohoush
Ahmad Al Jada

The Team
Based on “The Little Match Girl” by the Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson
Written and Directed by Mohammed Titi
Assistant Director Ihab Zahdeh
Sound and Light – Hammam Amro
Manager – Mohammed Issa