Letters (Hebron 2008)


When FEAR becomes “a person” for children, they can no longer sleep or think or concentrate. They try to get rid of this “person” and delete him or her from their lives. Grown-ups usually find these tactics silly. But for kids they find themselves behind barriers hiding and weak.

“Letters” is a story built up around 3 Arabic letters HRB which (in Arabic) are the root of many words: war, wide, ink, sea, priest, (among others). A group of girls try to grab fear,  a creature they can find, catch, and throw away. They try to catch it and put it on display to show others. They try to trap it.  They look at the letters and discover and that by throwing away the R they end up with another root-word. And that word is LOVE.

Cast & Crew

The Players  (in order of appearance)
Razan Wadah Al Jabari
Bodour Hijazi Al Jabari
Vivian Ersheed
Shoora Amjad Sultan
Rema Rami Sultan
Lubna Imad Al Aza
Manar Fahmi Al Jabari
Balquees Hijazi Al Jabari

The Team
Written and Director by Raed Shioukhi

Assistant Director – Ihab Zahdeh
Based on “Jumana and the Kids” by Mahmoud Shqueer
Sets, Costumes, Music – Raed Shioukhi
Technician – Hammam Amro
Manager – Mohammed Issa