Keep the Image Clear (Gaza 2012)


Based on improvisations by the boys and scripted by Ali Muhanna

Directed by Ali Muhanna

Grandfather owns a photo shop. Not just any photo shop. When people hide bad secrets or lie or hold back deeds their photographic images are out of focus. Our Grandfather has many grandsons and he takes their photos which are always out of focus, fuzzy, not clear, wrong. What kind of grandsons does he have? There is also a small girl. No one is paying attention to her. Her photo isn’t out of focus. There is a lot of fighting in this house until the children decide to write all their mistakes down on paper and present them to their Grandfather. The new family photo is still unclear, still fuzzy, still someone is holding back. Who is it? Why Grandfather of course! Where is his list. And now let’s take a photo. Now let’s see if the is clear.

The Players

Ramzi Bouzou
Wi’am, Bouzou
Waseem Abu Ghali
Ahmad Hijazi
Mahmoud Saleem
Haitham Dirbsawi
Bilal Al Khaldi

Director’s Assistant Hassan Al Akhras


Artistic Supervision & Teachers
Jan Willems, Rafat Al Aidi,  Mohammad Hissi, & Jackie Lubeck

Administration Support
Randa Muhanna, Amal Abu Dawood, Maryam Enaya, Rawia Mushtaha, Kamal Shublak,  and Hadeel Sous & Francis Tams

Technical Support
Riyad Al Akhras, Ahmad Qadada, Ashraf Serhan, Mohammad Nofal, Muhsen Abu El Kheer