Ping Pong (Gaza 2009-2010)


With the first bell, the first half starts
Right… Left… Boom Bang… Takh Teekh…
These and those…
I always had this nice dream…
A musical room… A  big doll…
The second hit…
I should be the boss of the school…
I want to go back and be that little girl with that long hair…
The third hit…
These and those Boom Bang… Takh Teekh…
The Tom-Boy… I am the son that my father wanted…
Boom Bang… Takh Teekh… Ping Pong…
When will this game end…
And who will be the winner?

Ping-Pong is the story of 2 groups of 2 girls and one caught in the middle. It is the story of the present and of all time. Why don’t people get along? What is stopping us from being kind to each other? What is stopping us from asking each other, “Hey, what’s wrong?” From the classroom to the planet, what is creating hatred, misunderstandings, and violence? In our prison called Gaza – where we all have to live together – what are we going to do?

Improvisers & Original Cast (2009)
Sawsan – Ola Salem
Fathiya – Hiba Shalouf
Shafaa – Hanan Qassem
Tamam – Wissam El Dirawi
Jawaher – Manal Barakat

Remake of the Play (2010)
Sawsan – Yasmine Soboh
Fathiya – Suha El Farra
Shafaa – Randa Abu Maghsayb
Tamam – Hiba Shehadeh
Jawaher – Manal Barakat

Directed by Mohammed El Hissi

‪Artistic Supervision‬
‏‪Rafat Al Aydi and Jan Willems‬
‪ ‬
‏‪Technical and Production Team‬
‏‪Ahmad Qadada, Riyad Al Akhras, Mohammed Nofal‬
‪ ‬
‏‪Randa Muhana, Amal Abu Dawood,  Dalia Sakani (Gaza)‬
‏‪Jackie Lubeck, Amer Khalil, Nancy Shourati, Dina Zbeidy,  Anan Terhi, Francis Tams (Jerusalem)‬
‪ ‬