Picnic on the Battlefield (Gaza 2009)


“We bring you this play to symbolize the worthlessness that war has on the world”

Dear Students,
The play “Picnic on the Battlefield” was written by the Spanish writer Fernando Arrabal (who is still living today). The story of this play is not about any specific war. It is about the idea of war.  Everyone in Palestine understands the political situation. We do not make this play to discuss this question. We bring it to you to show how, in truth, we are all one people in Palestine. The two main characters are exactly the same. They share the same ideas and beliefs.  Even their names are similar. So we ask you, “why does mankind make war?”

Written by Fernando Arrabal
Directed by Richard Glockner

The Actors
Rafat Al Aydeh – The Father
Morad Al Mughari – The Mother
Mohammed Al Hissi – Zapo
Ahmad Sirhan – Zepo
Ali Muhanna – Stretcher Carrier 1
Ashraf Al Afifi – Stretcher Carrier 2

Translated by Amer Khalil and Nancy Shourati
 Design Team
Lighting Design by Philippe Andrieux
Design by Jackie Lubeck
Assistant Designer – Ashraf Sirhan
Assistant Designer – Ward Nasrallah

Technical Team
Ahmad Qadada
Riyad Al Akhras
Mohammed Nofal
Abduallah Al Mughari
Mohammed Ammar

Randa Muhanna
Amal Abu Dawood
Dalia Sakani
Dina Zbeidat
Francis Tams

Artistic Director – Jan Willems