Grandpa & I (Beit Jala 1998)

grandpa_1Samir has a grandfather!
Ali doesn’t!
Ali wonders: What does a grandfather do?
Samir tries to explain. It is difficult.
Hey wait! Why doesn’t Ali go to the cafe where the old men play cards and choose a grandfather so he can see for himself?
A grandfather for Ali.

“Grandpa and I” is about the love, the friendship, and the mutual need of a boy and an old man. Visits, birthdays, stories, songs, kite-flying, and whistle lessons all take place during the 45 minute show, with jokes and surprises for wondering and wonderful little children.

Our little play also deals with loss and death because eventually Ali’s new grandfather will die. Ali finds souvenirs of his grandfather-friend in a box that the old man left for him. He will always remember the beautiful days they shared. And every time he whistles, he will think of him… and smile.

Based on the story “Can You Whistle, Johanna” by Ulf Stark

The Team
Ali – Sami Metwassi
Grandpa – Khaled Massou
Directed by Khaled Massou and Sami Metwasi
Text Adaptation by Khaled Massou
Artistic Supervision – Jan Williams
Design by Jackie Lubeck
Music by Mustafa al Kurd
Technician – Wael Al Araj