Qandil’s Feast (Jerusalem 1998)


“It’s the middle of the night… the country is sleeping. All of a sudden my small son is standing in front of me. Baba, he asks, who am I?”

This is the question put to one man at the start of “Qandil’s Feast.” Story-teller, singer, and actor, Qandil’s attempts to answer the question by looking at his own life and the life of his ancestors.
“Qandil’s Feast”…..  A collection of true personal stories, stories from friends, literature, folklore, and fantasy gathered together to present one life, with all its fears, joys, pains, and discoveries….. A play to touch hearts of all ages.

Amer Khalil – Qandil
Directed – Jan Willems
Written – Jackie Lubeck
Original Music – Mustafa el-Kurd
Transformation into Arabic – Hussein Barghouti

Assistants to the Production – Najwa Mbaraki & Abdel Salam Abdo
Education Material “The Feast of Story-Telling” – A Teachers Manual – Toine van Teeffelen
Translation of “The Feast of Story-Telling” – George Hazou

“Qandil’s Feast” was created to enter the class-rooms of Palestinian preparatory and high schools. The play fits anywhere, from the smallest class-room to the outside school yard. A teachers training manual on story-telling-in-the-classroom was published on the occasion of the opening of the play. The program was in partnership with the Teachers Creativity Center in Ramallah.