Half A Day (Hebron 2004)


Ihab: To get used to what is normal is one thing… but to be asked to get used to what is not normal is another. In Palestine, we get used to the circumstances… even the difficult ones. We are people who take into account every step and who program our lives for any eventuality. For sure, this has a negative effect on everyone, especially the young people. Kids feel they are lacking even the simplest of things. Going on a picnic should not need big planning! Taking a walk should not need a permit. But it does. How and when can we have hopes and dreams? How and when can we have a regular day?

The Players
Nabil – Iyad Al Huranni
Hazem – Hazem Zahdeh
Walid – Rami Dana
Maher – Sameh El Amleh
Murad – Shadi Al Hashlamoon

The Team
Directed by Ihab Zahdeh
Written by Ihab Zahdeh & Muhammad Titi
Assistant Director – Muhammad Titi
Sets & Costumes by the Team
Music Selection – Ihab Zahdeh
Sound Technician – Hammam Amro
Hebron Office Administrator – Janan Shabaneh

Artistic Supervision
Jan Willems, Amer Khalil, Jackie Lubeck

About the Players
The five boys acting in “Half A Day” come from Hebron. The boys are between the ages of 14-16. They all participated in drama workshops before starting to make this play. Here is what some of them have to say:

Iyad Al Huranni (11th grade) – I consider acting a starting point. I feel that I have to act in order to show people that I can do something in my life, which some people consider worthless.
Hazem Zahdeh (8th grade) – I came to theatre because it is new experience… and because I want to get rid of my complications.
Rami Dana (8th grade) – I like acting. I want people to see me… In theatre, I express myself and I meet friends.
Sameh El Amleh (8th grade) – Theatre is something nice, it makes me comfortable. I have fun.
Shadi Al Hashlamoon (11th grade student) – I like it.