The Caretaker (Hebron 2006)


Life is difficult for all people. It is especially difficult for Palestinians living under occupation. With walls all around us, we find ourselves with ourselves. Alone. Or with others who are just like us.

In one room, almost like the room of our existence, 3 men try to survive. They should be friends. They should support each other in this journey called life. Together they might make it livable. Who are they? Why do they behave as they do? Is this behavior normal? Are we different from them? How?

Written by Harold Pinter
Directed and Designed by Ihab Zahdeh

The Actors
Abdel Mughni Al Jabari
Abdel Nasser Al Mattariyyeh
Nabil Al Rayee

Assistant Director – Maher Sirhan
Sound Technician – Hammam Amro
Management – Tariq Abu Hashhash