Stories (Gaza 2006)


A little surprise!

Over the years TDP has been working with a team of women who lead our video-animation workshops. Several times a year, these women get training to keep up with new techniques and methods for both animation and drama. Last year, the team of 6 asked if they could “make a play.”

As part of their training, and in the framework of an advanced drama workshop, we created a piece called “Stories.” This series of scenes is a first chance for these women to practice theatre… to perform… to act…!

“Stories” reminds us of a young girl’s diary…. the need for attention, the desire to be heard, the precious memories to be remembered…. the visiting, the traveling…. and the pain of young girls in Gaza…!

The Actresses
(first time we write Actresses)

Hiba Shalouf
Wissam Al Faleet
Miha Abu Shammala
Hannan Qassam
Manal Barakat
Ola Salem as the Technician
(Trained by Ahmad Qadada)

Written & Directed
Rafat Al Aydeh

(Based on improvisations by the girls)

Manager – Mervat Hafez
Office Assistant – Randa Muhanna